The icon of Saint Michael.

The icon of Archangel Michael is one of the most famous and respected in Christianity. Its significance is truly great and its power has no limits.

Since ancient times religious people have come to it in order to be healed and find help in everyday issues but, most importantly, get to believe in God and become closer to Him in their thoughts and actions.


It is the greatest image whose meaning and spirituality has no equals in the whole history of  becoming Orthodox Christianity.

The importance of this icon in Christianity is very big and unquestionable . Michael is the supreme angel who is the closest to God and is the heaven’s chief commander – the warrior leading a huge army of fighters against the devil’s rebels and all the evil on Earth.


Since ancient times he has been honoured as the patron of warriors – people who truthfully and faithfully protect their land, home and relatives from everything wicked.

The Archangel is not just brave and fearless but also his spirit is pure. That is because only a righteous person is able to know the true mission which is to help everybody around.


Christians all over the world consider the image of Michael to be miraculous. It is a symbol of salvation and hope, support and search for the path of righteousness, everything that makes a soul free from bad thoughts and gives the eternal faith and God’s blessings.

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