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I am glad to turn your attention to icons and pictures,that are made by me, Master Iaroslav Pavliuk in “semi – antique” technology. I hope that in my manufactures you felt the link of times: nowadays and the remote past, in what the icon-painters made their spirit masterpieces.

During the producing, I use the wood, metal with the appearance of silver patina, antique linen, colors for printing and lacquer made of ancient composition.

The history and the description of the original manufactures you can find on the web site’s pages due to the titles.
In the world religions paintings, engravings, icons and Christian, iconography are of interest – catholic (roman, Holy Family, Virgin Mary, Madonna and Child, Crist the Savior, Saint Francis and Padre Pio), reformation (biblical painting, art in the portrait, the images of Martin Luther 95 theses), ortodox (byzantine, russian icons of the Mother of God, Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, the Last Supper).

Choose creative gifts – christian icons and paintings for sale on the photo in the online store.

Let us our acquaintance and Your acquisitions will bring You still more harmony with respect to God, Bright Gladness, and God’s blessing.
It is too hard to weigh in the balance the effect of antiquity through the photos on the web site here. It is a good idea to hold in hands, to give your and to take the warms of my manufactures.

Production of products in accordance orders.
Personal brand. I offer cooperation.
I am very glad to read your thoughts and comments on the side in the “Reviews” section
My work will beautify your life !
We are people who speak in different languages will be able to understand each other! Please, write me.

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